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Former CFO & Tax Pro turned

Business Strategist & Career Coach

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Hi! I'm Josie!

I'm a former CFO and tax pro turned business strategist and career coach. While I love a good spreadsheet, I got bored of revolving my business around them, so I decided to create a world where business strategy, career development, and making a shit ton of money could be FUN! I work with ambitious, growth-obsessed, goal-focused individuals  and business leaders who aren't afraid to shake things up, pave their own path, and burn down the old status quo.

I take you beyond the strategy, deep into intentional business building, and even deeper into the personal inner work in a way that equips you to confidently embrace the edgy, quirky, playful, bass-ass you were designed to be, so you can make more money  and maximize the impact you're here to make in your career, your business, your life, and the world.


It's time to Unfilter Yourself and boldly own your unique power to change the world in a way that only you can, and to make a lot of money and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it!

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If you want to be the best at what you do, show up unapologetically as yourself. No one does that shit better than you!

Josie has helped me in so many ways. One in particular is helping me see that I do not have to do all the things all at once. She has helped me see that all my accomplishments big and small are worth celebrating. She's always there when I need her the most. I am grateful to call her my mentor and friend.

- Yvette G.

In one call with Josie, she helped me see the ways I was getting in my own way and keeping my business from growing, and she helped me come up with a strategic game plan for the next quarter that has already brought in more income than I expected! I've set bigger goals than I ever thought I would set, and I believe that with the coaching I've gotten from Josie that I will reach all of them!

- Krista L.

Josie is genuinely invested in your growth and she's really helped me break through the perfectionist mindset I've always struggled with. She's helped me gain new perspective on my business goals and how I can find harmony between my ambition to grow my business and my desire to be present in my personal life.

- Ashley S.

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